Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just think that u can!!!!so u can!

owh, i have to go back to intec..the holiday is over!!!
time flies so fast right???

i'm going to have my hectic schedule for this sem...
as i don't have any study leave for the next sem sem(sem 3) i think it's better for me to start my revision earlier..OMG!!i don't know what will happen next,how much pointer will  i get for this sem(sem 2)..

hopefully i can get better than the previous one...if not,i'm a dead meat...why all of these must happen to me???maybe i'm lacking of practise,revision and exercises...yeah!!!life at campus are exactly different from the school life...

when i as talking to my friends we talked about our memories...we can get 5A's for our UPSR,9A's for our PMR and 10A's for our SPM...so,why not just 3A's for a-level??????????

that was the question....we have to find the solution,maintain our studies and balance our marks to achieve our dreams...to pursue our studies overseas, to become a medical student and finally a successful doctor...

pray for me....thanks =)
sila like,picit je =D
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