Thursday, May 27, 2010

i'm on holiday!!

i got about one month!!!
wanna spent my time by watching movies, sleeping,enjoying...
oopsss!!got assignment to d0???

owh, i'll think it later...
just in holiday mood..
happy3 =)
sila like,picit je =D

Friday, May 21, 2010

just finish my final exam

i just finish my final exam...huh,end for this sem...after this,i'm going to enjoy ore book,no more stay up...yeah!!!!!
i'm tension actually,so i wanna sleep right now...tension3 =p

happy holiday to all alm student...see u all again later in sem 3 okey...time flies so fast, i can't really believe it!!!
hope i'm not too late...HAPPY BELATED TEACHERS DAY..

thanks to all of the teachers that ever teaches me since i was small until u all so much,the one that teach me to read, study and how to be a successful person...deep from my heart,i wanna thanks to all of u..
  • sk.kampung bari
  • smk.chalok(model khas)
  • smk pelong
  • sesma
  • intec
all af the people that taught me even a word can be describe as a lots of my friends are my teachers...not to forget,my lovely parents...actually,i can read newspaper and watch bollywood drama since i was 4 years old...thanks a lot my kindergarten teacher and my lovely mum :D

sila like,picit je =D

Friday, May 14, 2010

sillat camp at lembah pangsun

i'm still in exam mood, just finish my unit 2 biology at 10.30,then my housemates and i went to syeksyen 2 with dira(iza's friend)to had our luch..then,we went to ole2 and karaoke together..yahhooo!!!really stressing out my tension~

just wanna share some some pics during my silat leadership camp at lembah pangsun,ulu langat...1-2 this camp :)

enjoy the pics...more pics on fb :)

sila like,picit je =D
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