Thursday, March 18, 2010

i just can was amazing!!!

as usual, i have experiment for biology...
for this time, i had to observe the process of mitosis and the movement of chromosome itself...
we had learn about this starts from form 1 is it????

actually it was quite hard to get a very clear image of this cells...
sometimes,the cells were overlapping and we had to handle it carefully..
the process of maceration are very important to make sure that the chromosome of the cells are clear..

actually,my group did not get the real result because almost the cells were overlapping...
so the movement of chromosomes were not clear and we can't calculate its size
this images were from the others group and i just could say
'subhanallah' it was amazing!!!!

i could see the movement of chromosome in the cells by myself..
before this i just learn the theory of mitosis...

this is prophase

no pics for metaphase in which the chromosome are line up on the equator

anaphase...the centromere seperates and the chromosomes moves to opposite poles
. cell formed

these are the pics of garlic root cells...
interesting right???this is the images from a camera...
it was quite hard to take the pics through the microscope...
but,these are great enough...biology is fun


p/s:credits to the group that prepare these cells,to the photographer &to toluidine blue which makes the chromosomes appear(can be seen)

sila like,picit je =D

Monday, March 15, 2010

our fibres was missing.....who's fault???? maybe someone had stolen it

i made an experiment about tensile strength last week...what is tensile strength???
Tensile strength is the maximum stress caused by a pulling force that a material can stand without failing. Tensile strength is measured in units of force per unit area. in this experiment,we use the pumpkin stem fibre to measure measure the tensile strength...

we also can prove that the tensile strength of plant fibre is stronger than it a fact???yes!!actually it is proven through our experiment and based on the theory...we had to soak the pumpkin stem for about a week and this process is called retting..we could get the fibre inside the stem~

we had a sad story regarding this experiment we got one week holiday for CNY, we had no enough time to soak the the stem during the lab class,which was on,we just took about half of an hour to soak it during our free we had to dry it,we just left the fibre in the lab because the lab assistant promised to keep it inside the preparation room..

the next lesson,on friday
our fibre was missing!!!MIA!!!how to conduct this experiment without the fibre????the lab assistant said that she had kept our fibre safely,but she didn't know how it could be 'stolen'by others..sob..sob..luckily,there were a few fibres we had to divide the fibre among ourselves equally..huh!!we also picked up the fibres on the pathetic is it?????

finally,we could finish our experiment successfully...although it was quite hard because we did not have enough fibres, but with our persistent,we could make it happen!!!i was so glad...we also need to measure thee diameter and length of the fibres to unsure that all of them were quite similar and  our result was reliable...

p/s=the process of making biology report is quite tough than doing the experiment

sila like,picit je =D

Friday, March 12, 2010


this week is the mid-sem break and i got a week holiday....owww yeah!!!!!!!jaa,wake up...don't waste your time....this is not the time for relaxing and loitering anywhere....this is the time to make revision about the subjects that i do not understand before...i'll try my best.....


sila like,picit je =D

friends forever

suddenly i thought about dorm-mates during form 4 and 5 at sesma.....friends forever okeh!!!

sila like,picit je =D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

let's find out!!!!!!!!!!

i just got the almond magazines 2010.....yeah!!!!this is the 3rd year they publish this magazine,a magazine for a-level medicine community.....this magazine looks interesting with all the pages are colourful and the best quality of paper..i like!!!it's reasonable with its price...thumbs up to all of the editorial board....

in this magazine,one of my lecturer who is also a blogger has been interviewed and she looked very cool...actually,she is my friend's lecturer and i just talked to her once..she become my interviewer for my IELTS speaking test one....she looks damn pretty with her sweet smile....

although she is not my lecturer,but i know a lot about her...she is an english lecturer and at the same time,she is doing her Masters in TESL....huh, i love to read her story in the blog and never miss her post...i knew about her blog from my friend and they said ms.jasmin was really in love with her husband....they were just married!!!!i just become her follower and silent reader....huiiiksss....her love story teaches me a lot about life and love.....want to read her blog????{click here}

sila like,picit je =D

Friday, March 5, 2010

why i choose to be a doctor????not an engineer????an educator??

When I was about 7 and 8 years old,my teacher always asked me”what’s your ambition????what do u want to be when you grow up???”I answered I wanted to be a teacher…I want to teach people and deal with the students…at that time,I know nothing much!!!

Then,when I was at standard 5 and 6…I kept an ambition to be a lecturer…one class up!!why should I choose the aducator branch instead of the others????hurm,I love to see my teacher wearing beautiful clothes and got so many presents from their students during teacher’s day….i found that the students respected the teacher so much and I think the students really appreciated their teachers….is that all I want????-it’s only an opinion of a primary school student-

I’m not interested in arts such as seramics,painting and design like my sister…she loves it so much!!!!sometimes,I felt bored when she asked me to accompany her to see the paintings at klcc, the designs at pasar seni and so many stuff like that!!!!it was really disgusting….i don’t say that I hate it,but I just not interested In it…my sis is now pursuing her degree in art and design course at unimas….it's fine then,i can't take the architecture or art course...

During my secondary school’s time,I had been exposed with so many things…at that time,I started loved science and biology so much…but,I just love to learn about anatomy of people and animals…I don’t like plants!!!!!that’s why I don’t like gardening or planting and I’m not a creative person…I always got lower marks than my friends for art class(to be honest)..haha…but I always got higher marks for math’s and science subjects during school….*wink

my family also hoped that i can be a day,my mother's said that"it would be better if we have a doctor in our family"...she never force me to choose my pathway,but at that time there were only my sis,my bro and i at the living,for sure she wanted to say it to me,but she never mention bro was taking electrical engineering at UMP...

i hope that i can fulfill my mother's wishes to see me to be a i got this opportunity,got scholarship from JPA  i will never waste it...i'll grab it!!!!although my father seems not very happy when he knows that i got to pursue my studies overseas,i'll take it as a challenges..he never know that i apply for'program ijazah luar negara'...he just want me to study here,in malaysia....but,what else can i do....he have to accept the fact that i'm already here.....

sila like,picit je =D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

birthday celebration 10m9

every month,our class 10m9 will have birthday celebration for our classmates.....for january,we had it at KFC together with my lovely lecturer,miss we only had one person who celebrated her birthday on february,we just combined it with march...

as we just finish our class at 4pm,we went to the park at cemara at 5p.m...firstly,we had a game which the person need to guess who wrote the note,if they can't guess correctly,the person had to do the punishment!!!!it's quite funny and all of us were very sporting....we enjoyed the games and food together...

the most memorable part was when all the birthday girl were in the middle around the cake and all of us prank them!!! we throw the flour to them....all of us in white,like in snow...hahahhaaha....this kind of xtvt actually can foster our relationship....i was happy and glad to be one of the members in this class...*wink

sila like,picit je =D
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