Monday, March 15, 2010

our fibres was missing.....who's fault???? maybe someone had stolen it

i made an experiment about tensile strength last week...what is tensile strength???
Tensile strength is the maximum stress caused by a pulling force that a material can stand without failing. Tensile strength is measured in units of force per unit area. in this experiment,we use the pumpkin stem fibre to measure measure the tensile strength...

we also can prove that the tensile strength of plant fibre is stronger than it a fact???yes!!actually it is proven through our experiment and based on the theory...we had to soak the pumpkin stem for about a week and this process is called retting..we could get the fibre inside the stem~

we had a sad story regarding this experiment we got one week holiday for CNY, we had no enough time to soak the the stem during the lab class,which was on,we just took about half of an hour to soak it during our free we had to dry it,we just left the fibre in the lab because the lab assistant promised to keep it inside the preparation room..

the next lesson,on friday
our fibre was missing!!!MIA!!!how to conduct this experiment without the fibre????the lab assistant said that she had kept our fibre safely,but she didn't know how it could be 'stolen'by others..sob..sob..luckily,there were a few fibres we had to divide the fibre among ourselves equally..huh!!we also picked up the fibres on the pathetic is it?????

finally,we could finish our experiment successfully...although it was quite hard because we did not have enough fibres, but with our persistent,we could make it happen!!!i was so glad...we also need to measure thee diameter and length of the fibres to unsure that all of them were quite similar and  our result was reliable...

p/s=the process of making biology report is quite tough than doing the experiment

sila like,picit je =D

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