Wednesday, March 3, 2010

birthday celebration 10m9

every month,our class 10m9 will have birthday celebration for our classmates.....for january,we had it at KFC together with my lovely lecturer,miss we only had one person who celebrated her birthday on february,we just combined it with march...

as we just finish our class at 4pm,we went to the park at cemara at 5p.m...firstly,we had a game which the person need to guess who wrote the note,if they can't guess correctly,the person had to do the punishment!!!!it's quite funny and all of us were very sporting....we enjoyed the games and food together...

the most memorable part was when all the birthday girl were in the middle around the cake and all of us prank them!!! we throw the flour to them....all of us in white,like in snow...hahahhaaha....this kind of xtvt actually can foster our relationship....i was happy and glad to be one of the members in this class...*wink

sila like,picit je =D

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