Thursday, March 18, 2010

i just can was amazing!!!

as usual, i have experiment for biology...
for this time, i had to observe the process of mitosis and the movement of chromosome itself...
we had learn about this starts from form 1 is it????

actually it was quite hard to get a very clear image of this cells...
sometimes,the cells were overlapping and we had to handle it carefully..
the process of maceration are very important to make sure that the chromosome of the cells are clear..

actually,my group did not get the real result because almost the cells were overlapping...
so the movement of chromosomes were not clear and we can't calculate its size
this images were from the others group and i just could say
'subhanallah' it was amazing!!!!

i could see the movement of chromosome in the cells by myself..
before this i just learn the theory of mitosis...

this is prophase

no pics for metaphase in which the chromosome are line up on the equator

anaphase...the centromere seperates and the chromosomes moves to opposite poles
. cell formed

these are the pics of garlic root cells...
interesting right???this is the images from a camera...
it was quite hard to take the pics through the microscope...
but,these are great enough...biology is fun


p/s:credits to the group that prepare these cells,to the photographer &to toluidine blue which makes the chromosomes appear(can be seen)

sila like,picit je =D

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fitri oh fitri said... [Reply]

seyes kan best. haha. cam cite twilight pulak berphase2 ni. haha.

jaa sweets said... [Reply]

fitri oh fitri -

hahaha..lbey krg la~

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