Thursday, April 15, 2010

final exam!!!!!!!!!

(^_~)final exam is just around the corner(#_#)

start from next week,i got two weeks of study leaves
i have to make revision for the whole things that i learned during sem1 and 2
that's are a lot!!!!!

hope i can manage and use my time wisely...
for the first week,i got silat camp
and maybe go to my uncle house....
i want to study!!!!
i had discuss with anis and atikah about study group..
we will study together during study leave...
hope everything will be ok..
study leave is the best time to study,make revision...
not to enjoy,sleep,or waste times...
may allah give me strength and bless me always

p/s:i think that i just enroll myself at intec...but the fact is i'm going to finish my second sem in less than one month  :)

sila like,picit je =D

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